This feature by Erin Halpern, founder and CEO of The Upside, encapsulates everything we strive for at Hello, Buttercup in our creation of the Pallas Network. “Networking as we know it is dead. And like so many other industries that we accepted as infallible, networking is ripe for disruption.”

Another mention of the Pallas Network, thanks to Erin Halper, founder and CEO of The Upside. “There are hundreds of communities such as Work BiggerThe Transitions Collective and Pallas Network, that have cropped up for the sole purpose of connecting like-minded working women. If you’re not a member of at least one, you may be missing out on an important opportunity to acquire knowledge from and share resources with women who are all navigating the balancing act of being a working woman and mother. The power of community is proving that we truly are better together.”

Proving that the internet isn’t an entirely terrible place to be a woman, The Lily—a project of the Washington Post—mentioned the Pallas Network in a round-up of ways for women to take care of themselves on Internet Self-Care Day.

“This group has been immensely supportive to me as I’ve been exploring new career options, and when I just need to let off some steam (FTN Fridays, aka Fuck That Noise Fridays, are uniquely satisfying). I’ve gotten job referrals, beauty product intel, a few customers for my embroidered Christmas ornaments, and tons of encouragement”

“This week’s rage-read is brought to you by this stunning revelation in an NPR piece on attempts to improve childbirth safety"It's mind-boggling that in this day and age, we still don't understand [even] in a normal pregnancy how women go into labor — what triggers labor," Vink says. "Because we don't understand the normal fundamental mechanisms, we can't identify how things go bad — and then how we fix it when things go bad." Emphasis mine, h/t beloved DamesPal Ann, convenor of The Pallas Network, an online community for GenX and older Millennial women. “

After our successful facilitation session with She+ Geeks Out, the founder of Hello, Buttercup was invited to give a ten-minute talk at one of SGO’s monthly networking and geeking-out events. Ann shared the lessons she has learned about how and why women should both offer mentorships and accept the offer when it is made.

On October 10, 2018, Women Kick Glass hosted Connect with Confidence: Panel Discussion About the Power of Networking in NYC's Moet Hennessy Lounge. It was an evening of authentic dialogue, spirited exchange and new-found connections. Thank you to the following panel of amazing women who made this inspiring evening a reality:

  • Justina Michaels, Founder, Fitting Fetes, LLC

  • Jill Miller, Partner, TruWork, Inc.

  • Ann Sublett, Founder, The Pallas Network

  • Allison Varone, Brand Director, Moet & Chandon