Our Work

Get to know some of Hello, Buttercup's work and projects.

No filter. No chill. The Pallas Network is a project of Hello, Buttercup. It is a network for women aimed at Gen X-ish and older Millennial women to share and discuss on topics related to age, fashion, beauty, health, the workplace, family, relationships, and culture. Join us

CherryPicks is changing the conversation around who gets to be a film critic. CherryPicks believes strongly that women need a place to go to see how media and entertainment looks through a female lens. CherryPicks hired Hello, Buttercup to create and manage a Facebook Group to further the conversation around gender, diversity, and criticism in the film industry and beyond.

She+ Geeks Out’s mission is to educate, promote and support diverse and inclusive companies and organizations. Hello, Buttercup facilitated a full-day session to help She+ Geeks Out reimagine their digital offerings, rearchitect their website, and breathe new life into their social platforms.

Hello, Buttercup designed the website for Clare O' Connor. Clare is the editorial director at Bumble, the women-first dating, friendship and networking app, where she is working on building new media products. 

For several months we have been providing digital marketing support to this wonderful small bike shop in Chatham in the heart of New York's Columbia County. A family-owned business, Velo Domestique prides itself on giving incredible, customized attention to every client for the best ride ever.